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This feels like Balloon Head Fred mixed with Spy And Pyro / Spy and Sentry... AND I LOVE IT!!!

Happy Birthday

The animation is great, the message is great, generally everything about this is great.

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Probably the best game I've played on Newgrounds. I've been playing this for a while however now I've thought about writing my own review.

The soundtrack, to start with, is amazing! The Tracks used are perfect for the game. The wackiness of Danny Elfman's Score for Peewee's Play House in Level 1 showcases the insanity, the GoldenEye N64 track in Level 2 which is a level based on, well, Goldeneye, with Boris Grishenko in the background as well. Level 3 has a great soundtrack too, being used in Shaun Of The Dead and such, which is fitting for the zombie level. Level 4 using the Godzilla Soundtrack for a, well, Godzilla-Like beast was perfect. Level 5, much like Level 2, has music from the original source material, having Zombies Ate My Neighbours music. Level 6 was a great callback to the Black Box NES era, in a level in the style of Hogan's Alley. The use of the WarioWare Touched remix made it feel alot more energetic as well. Level 7 was a great homage to the music video to the song "Money" and its music was literally the best choice. Level 9 having MC Tom dropping a bomb was spectacular. Level 10, being the last level, has another wacky song (from Crash Bandicoot) and it thus fits in well with Level 1, the completely opposite side of the game. The levels as I listed above were all great and unique. My main issue is the reload mechanic. I'd say for the best fun, you should use the infinite ammo cheat, or you could even become the Evil Director!

Overall, lots of fun and a great game for the Eddsworld brand.

I'm not a fan of fighting games however when I heard so much great stuff about Pico, I was interested. However when I played it, I found the controls to be annoying. I like to control the character using W, A, S and D however this game uses the arrow keys as the control method which can get annoying. On top of that, Z and X being the attack buttons was annoying and made my arm hurt after a while due to how close my hands were from the keyboard to my body at all times. The Difficulty wasn't too bad as I was able to beat it with only one death but I do feel like for most of the game I was just button mashing and hoping that I would hit the characters. I beat the entire story mode however I don't see myself playing the game again (In Story Mode, at least). Overall, a pretty mediocre game. It has some fun fights but at some points can feel like I'm just teadiously button mashing.

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Sounds good. Does this hint at something? Seems like this could suggest an ending which you get hired as a Top Hat Clan member? Not sure though. More than likely the music for the Government ending in ITA (Infiltrating The Airship)

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Holy Shit! Thanks!

TheIcarusCrisis responds:

Glad you're happy with it 👍

Thanks for doing this. I never got a Secret Santa myself and it really sucks. At least I got in this...

Hi, I'm Bloxed. I'm a retro game reviewer voice actor and comic strip artist.
Let me know if you want me to voice act in one of your videos / animations. I am pretty good with impressions and I have a good microphone after all.



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