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Hi, I'm Bloxed. I'm a retro game reviewer voice actor and comic strip artist.
Let me know if you want me to voice act in one of your videos / animations. I am pretty good with impressions and I have a good microphone after all.



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Posted by Bloxed - December 4th, 2020

Hi there.

I'm sure some of you out there have seen the comics I have produced for newgrounds.com . Well, I've been tinckering with the comics over the past month, coming up with a name for them and also something much bigger...

Firstly, the name. It was hard to decide a name in which sounded good and represented the world and / or the characters. Eventually, I have decided on two names. I can not decide between OutRealm or Outlyers (Purposefully mis-spelt). I'm leaning towards OutRealm however I may have to think about it some more.

Secondly, there's something bigger for the series which I am planning... I am planning an animated series. My plan for OutRealm / Outlyers was always to have an animated show, I made the comics as a testing ground for the art style and sense of humour. However I can say that I will work on an animated series. It will not follow a season style of release but instead go for the more traditional web-toon release date cycle in which the animations are released the moment or not long after they are complete. I would also like to say that this animated series will be available on my Newgrounds page but it will also be available on Iox TV's Vlare, VidLii, and YouTube accounts not too long after Newgrounds and my personal accounts on all of the websites listed for Iox. In order to test out animation, I will create some short animations for Newgrounds, see what people think, and go from there.

Hopefully you all enjoy these changes



Posted by Bloxed - June 9th, 2020

I've been interested in movies and video games my entire life and I've always noticed some movies in which could be perfect as adult films and so I am creating a new show named 'Done To Death'

This show will be a parody of 8 movies and 8 games per Season. These animations will be around 30 minutes - 1 hour and a half of heavy swearing, sexual references, intense violence, satanic references, and drug usage.

Now, this show won't be easy to make and thus there will be a 100% chance of the first 3 episodes of Season 1 airing at the very least. If this series does not go well, there will either be a restructuring of the show formula or cancellation. If the show does make it to the end of Season 1 however, one final 17th episode will be produced to end off Season 1 with a Kill Count over the past 16 episodes.

Now, as for those first 3 episodes. They will be:

Back To The Present

The Exterminator

Charlie and 4 a**holes go to a chocolate factory

Once those 3 air and if they do well, expect to see future episodes. They will be:

Hawk's Walking Mansion

Fatal Memories 7


Walnut's Good Suck Night

Mario & Luigi's Plumbing Turtle Killing Co.

The GodessMother

Planetary Battling: A Lack Of Hope


Paper Non-Fiction

United Fortress 2

Road for Uncivilised Fighting

Little Green Haired Dudes and their Cursor guide

GTA but it's the Mafia: The Sequel

Season 2 will hopefully feature parodies such as Back To The Present Part 2 (If Part 1 does good enough), Quarter-Life , Blue Speed Mouse, and GTA but it's the Mafia: The First One which explains a scene in the sequel (Which was released before. Wrap your head around that)

So yeah. That's the plan so far. A logo is in production and production is starting soon. You can expect Back To The Present to release at July or August or even September since animating a roughly 30 minute - 1 and a half hour video isn't fast. I'm also hiring so let me know if you are interested. I'm mainly looking for voice actors so let me know if you want to work on this.

Thanks for reading.

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